Counsellors One on One and Group Supervision

Both group and one to one supervision availble

Supervision to become a Registered Clinical Counsellor

I will be running One on One Supervision and Consultation and Group Supervision and Consultation. For those interested in becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor or having supervision and consultation in their current counselling practice.  I run a small group format for Group Supervision and both in person and virtual One on One Supervision.  You can join both or just one. 

Direct feedback will be given to ensure all areas of becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor are well within the professional guidelines. 

A package of 25 hours of One to One in-person and virtual supervision is $2500. 

Package sessions includes a Completed Clinical Referrence Form 

By the hour supervision is $140/hr

Small Group Supervision packages provide 2 hour virtual sessions 10 times for $2000.  Multiple groups run through out the year.  

                                778 837 2131                                                                                      

BCACC requires supervision to include:

At least 25 of the supervised hours must be directly observed by a clinical supervisor. The clinical supervisor will witness clinical work in one or more of the following ways:

      • Direct observation of sessions
      • Review of video-taped sessions
      • Review of audio-taped sessions
      • Co-counselling
      • Co-facilitating

The remaining 75 hours of clinical supervision may be comprised of:

      • Case consultation
      • Group supervision
      • File review
      • Case management

Supervision which occurred prior to the start of the master’s program will not be considered. In addition, client contact hours will not be considered.

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